July 01, 2011

Berlin, Day 5

Our Uhland 4 gang had set up our mind to have a boat trip in the afternoon. I had lunch in a brasserie recommended by le Routard. After I had ordered I realised I was in the "wrong" one, across the square ! Nevertheless I had a typical Berlin meal : potatoes soup Berlin Way (potatoes, leeks, carrots, bacon & sausages), veal with mushrooms and fried potatoes in a creamy sauce.
The weather was beautiful and our trip along the Spree, mainly on the former East side, was lovely.
We then split up again. I visited Nikolaiviertel. This neighborhood, originaly from 1200, completely destroyed during WW II, was rebuilt in 1987 to celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the City and as a display of Communist Germany. Sort of a "Berlinland" if you like. Very cute.
Uhland 4 minus one met up again this day 5 for Tea at Friedrichstrasse under the S train.

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