February 10, 2012

Week end in Liverpool (2)

Sunday the weather was much better : dry , not so cold and no more icy pavements ! We strolled along the docks and had lunch at Malmaison. A nice brasserie. We then did the discovery Mersey Cruise. Nice views over the City but otherwise not really exiting.
Our train back was in the early evening so we ended up our stay by the Cavern Quarter. Can't go to Liverpool without a Beatles pilgrimage !

February 07, 2012

Liverpool : a cow (3)

Liverpool : a cow (2)

Liverpool : a cow (1)

Liverpool : the Docks (7)

Liverpool : the Docks (6)

Liverpool : the Docks (5)

Liverpool : the Docks (4)

Liverpool : the Docks (3)

Liverpool : the Docks (2)

Liverpool : the Docks (1)

Liverpool : Williamson Square and the Playhouse

Week end in Liverpool (1)

Last time I went to Liverpool was in the late 80's when I was living in Ashby. I always wanted to go back especially since it has been a European City of Culture in 2008. So last Friday evening T. and I we went on the train to this exiting place. There the weather was horrid until Saturday night : rainy ice and bitter cold - obviously. The pavements were hardly walkable. Anyway we bravely made our way along the sides of the streets 1st to the Anglican Cathedral and then to the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral after lunch. This last one should have been much bigger and in fact the crypt reflects that. See : http://www.liverpoolmetrocathedral.org.uk/content/Visitus/VideoTour.aspx?vidId=64
Absolutely amazing ! We had lunch next to the Metro Cat' at "The Quarter". It has a nice selection of Italian food. We ended the day at the International Slavery Museum. Very interesting. As we were staying next to Albert Docks we opted for a dinner at the exquisite and friendly "Spice Lounge".